EngRoTec Group looks back on a successful development since it was founded in 2009.

With over 250 experienced employees along with corresponding investments in most modern system and software technologies, EngRoTec presents itself as a professional, flexible and reliable partner for manufacturers and integrators.

In 2010, EngRoTec - Solutions GmbH started the development of hemming systems with robot guidance. Until today, the company became the leading supplier of such systems.

Our hemming systems have a modular configuration, with a minimum of maintenance and wear, and are suitable for different hemming designs. They are characterized by the combination of hemming technology and vision systems in order to meet the requirements of modern and flexible equipment.

Production parts are standardized, interchangeable and available on request. The rollers get a special coating so that materials tending to an adhesive wear can be hemmed reliable for the process with longer tool life.

Our tools have been developed for the worldwide use in rough production environment. All components have been tested in long-term studies and are fixed and tested with highest care before leaving our plant. The service portfolio includes virtual validation, methods and commissioning on site at the customer’s factory.

Innovation and flexibility are part of our self-conception. As an independent system partner for robot guided hemming systems we supply most of the European automotive manufacturers as well as their suppliers in their worldwide plants.


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