Useful notes for the design of a roller hemming application

A roller hemming tool is only one part of a complex overall system. To achieve the objectives regarding production quality and stability as well as longevity and further process specifications you have to take into account further conditions also being very important.

The following listing will help you to evaluate these conditions:

  • Did you evaluate the component in a positive way regarding the possibility of roller hemming?
  • Are the requirements of the roller hemming assembly fulfilled regarding part location, part fixation and the repeatability of these both factors?
  • Does the process planning comply with a stable and secure roller hemming process within the process time being available?
  • Is the robot or the chosen drive unit suitable for the given task?

Furthermore, it is important that the roller hemming tool will be used in the way that hemming can be generated with highest quality, maximum efficiency and high product stability.

If you need help while answering these questions or general support, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be pleased to give you support.

Use of EngRoTec-Solutions hemming systems

Hereafter, you will find the most important notes for the intended use of our roller hemming tools, the tool FW-100 for doors & lids as example.

We kindly ask you to take these specifications into account and are pleased to give you further information.
In case of special applications please contact us, we look forward to develop together suitable solutions for your tasks.

Notes for intended use of FW 100

If you correspond to the following aspects, the roller hemming tool will be used “within the intended application”:

  • Maximum permitted roller hemming force in loading direction = 2,000 N
  • Maximum angle of load transmission, rotating around the roller rotating axis (red area) = ±15°
  • Maximum touching speed = 50 mm/sec at tangential starting
  • No pulling operation is allowed
  • No use of cone hemming roller on position roller 3, if the mounting direction corresponds to detail A.

Please bear in mind that we cannot provide any guarantee for the hemming process or hemming tool if you don’t comply to these conditions or even only partially.


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