Systems for sun roof & panoramic roof

The tool FW 400 has been developed for the hemming of sun roof and panoramic roofs.

The flange – open 180° – is hemmed by using various, electrically driven pairs of rollers. Due to the innovative design of the tool and its compact dimensions and disturbance ranges, complex devices of conventional systems can be omitted. Quality optimization can be done by program changes only.

Optionally, the system can be complemented with a quality control by AI°.

The tool can be mounted stationary, the robot leads the component. Thus, production for various models can be realized efficiently.

Technical data FW 400 – hemming tool for sun roofs
Weight max. 34 kg
Pre-load Central air supply
Central power supply 24 V DC
Standard connection to fieldbus Profibus DP, Profinet (Cu + LWL), Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet
Features Simple operation
Compact design
Easy to maintain
High flexibility
Optionally equipped with quality control system <strong>AI°</strong> INLINE PROCESS INSPECTION


Hemming tool basic configuration with roller carrier for


  • 4× pairs of standard hemming rollers




Tool extension for quality inspection consisting of

  • 1 × smart sensor AI° VISIONSCANNER2 incl. connection
  • 1 × power supply cable and 1 × LAN cable


Hemming tool basic configuration with roller carrier for


  • 5 × pairs of standard hemming rollers




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